Welcome to the Incandescence Comics page, home of the all-ages superheroine series Incandescence!

Incandescence is a comic series for all ages! It’s like a mix of Spider-Girl with Silver Age Supergirl and a hint of Buffy as a brave, beautiful, tough and capable superheroine stomps out crime in high heels. Watch 21 year old Audrey Hammond survive college, job searches, bickering super-villains and her own quirky family on the way to becoming the greatest superheroine Twilegar City has ever seen. Cavemen, zombies, robots, mummies – no one can stop Incandescence!

If you liked the days when a comic told a self-contained story, but still had ongoing subplots to keep the "big story" going -- Incandescence is for you!

Want a superheroine with depth, character and fun? Incandescence is here!

Incandescence can appeal to the young and old. It's specifically designed to be awesome for anyone!